Frank's® RedHot®

Everything is better with Frank's RedHot. Check out these dishes from around the world that just might be edible with a healthy dose of Frank's RedHot.

#1 Lutefisk (Norway)


Move fish, get out the way, get out the way fish, get out the way! Made from dried whitefish (usually ling or cod) and soaked in a lye solution. That’s right… the same lye that’s used in industrial oven cleaners and causes chemical burns, scarring and blindness upon contact! Sounds delicious, right?! It has been said that about half the Norwegians who immigrated to America came in order to escape the hated lutefisk. Who knows… some added flavor might have prevented a mass exodus!

#2 1000 Year Old Egg (China)

1000 year old egg

This tasty treat is made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in ash, clay and salt! After their relaxing volcanic spa treatment, these eggs develop the distinct odor of sulfur and ammonia! Mmmmmmm… sulfur… I think we’ll stick to scrambled eggs and Frank’s RedHot for that power breakfast.

#3 Escargot (France)


Although this delicacy demands high prices at many of France’s finest restaurants, we’re not convinced they don’t recruit these earthy little suckers from their rainy rock garden out back on the Rue du eww. Garlic? Yes sir. Butter? Do it! Hot sauce? Lots and lots of hot sauce…

#4 Crocodile Kebabs (Australia)

Crocodile Kebabs

Sure the Aussies say it tastes like chicken, but we’re more concerned with how you catch this prehistoric meal. After surviving their violent “death roll,” throw these croc kebabs on a crusty sourdough roll with some added spice worthy of the heated battle!

#5 Salmon Paste (England)

Salmon Paste

This one just scares us. There’s nothing better than getting all that fishy fish flavor condensed into a paste and stored like toothpaste in a tube for safekeeping. Of course by “nothing better” we mean “nothing worse.” There may be no saving this last entry, but a little Frank’s would go a loooong way. Someone really should have "put that $#!% on everything."